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Publish: 02/2021


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ApeSwap is a decentralized application founded in 2021. The project team is private. In the decentralized finance space, this project has passed 1 audit. It has not been involved in any incidents. ApeSwap runs on top of the Binance, Polygon blockchains for fast and secure transactions with crypto assets. The project has its platform token called ApeSwap. The trading volume for 24 hours is $702,987.

Users have the ability to contribute their cryptocurrencies to pools which can then be accessed by other users, where providers earn interest on the assets that they bring in. The DeFi Watch platform can be used as a tracker to find the best project pool with high swap fees and yield farming rewards. More details about ApeSwap are available at


ApeSwap Liquidity


+3.3 %

Active users


+21.4 %

What is ApeSwap (BANANA)?

ApeSwap is a protocol launched in February of 2021 as a fork of the popular PancakeSwap and it is an automated market maker and yield farming protocol. It offers its own set of services such as staking and initial coin offerings. It is natively built on and powered by the Binance Smart Chain. ApeSwap has no controlling entity and has a native governance token with which users can take part in active on-chain governance and an automated market maker (AMM), which uses a liquidity pool instead of a traditional order-book style when it comes to facilitating trades.

Who are the founders of ApeSwap (BANANA)?

When it comes to the founders of ApeSwap, they are ApeGuru which is an expert full stack developer, ApeTastic which is an expert Smart Contract Developer, Harambe Nakamoto which is responsible for the tokenomics, analytics and engineering, DK which is the business development and marketing expert as well as Obie Dobo which is the king of the community jungle. The core team consists of Rafiki, Julian, Apegineer, Chimpin Chip, Jim Ben, Raul, IM$, Biko, ApeelingApe, Koen, Luisa Roberts, Diddy Kong, Monoligth, Tarzan and Reckon.

What makes ApeSwap (BANANA) unique?

ApeSwap allows you to exchange between tokens. However, what makes it stand out is that you can pool together your unused tokens into liquidity pools and as such, become a liquidity provider. Here, when you are trading or exchanging tokens, you are incurred a standard 0.3% fee. As a liquidity provider, you can earn 0.25% from each trading fee, which is proportional to the amount you have pooled together. Yield farming is also another aspect of ApeSwap which allows users to create liquidity and support projects or tokens, where they can farm for yield by staking LP tokens that they earned from earlier.

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