Announcement: White Label

Announcement: White Label

DeFi Watch Features: White Label & Top Liquidity Pools. Our tool is a free service with detailed analytics and a portfolio tracker for everyone.

What is DeFi Watch?

We are a friendly and ambitious team that believes in the great potential of decentralized finance. In an effort to make DeFi simple and clear for everyone, our development team has created The platform works for the decentralized finance space. DeFi Watch is a free service with detailed analytics and a portfolio tracker for investors, liquidity providers, and anyone who wants to benefit from the world of cryptocurrencies. It has market data, necessary metrics, and clear charts updated in real-time.

A little bit of numbers: the platform as an analytical tool allows users to monitor more than 15,000 pools and 50 decentralized exchanges with 13,000 digital assets. Our product offers a user-friendly design and a multi-stage filtering system that ensures finding the best pool as an investment position. In essence, DeFi Watch makes your crypto assets work for you by showing you the best way to earn more with your unused assets. And this is just the beginning of our journey in the crypto industry.

Full analytics on your portfolio

Did you know that you are able to extract data from API into Microsoft Excel using the in-built Power Query feature?

What is the White Label?

We don't like to stand in one place without any progress, and we are constantly looking for new ideas. So we decided to set the following goal: to provide access for as many crypto users as possible to detailed analytics from DeFi. Developing a White Label will do this perfectly and improve the user experience. Of course, we are sure that this solution will be helpful both for exchanges, which are gateways to the crypto market, and for news resources highlighting events related to the crypto world.

If we look at it in technical terms, the White Label is an itframe, which would allow it to be integrated into the code of almost any website. It is important to understand that this is a customizable feature for each particular project. Our White Label is based on flexibility and informativeness and has a design that can be changed.

At the moment, our team has already agreed to cooperate on the White Label with and Elk Finance. And now readers of can see the informative White Label, which was developed with the needs of the platform as a basis. Our label contains an extensive list of top liquidity pools from DeFi with data including annual profit, total value locked, rewards, and links to the relevant pages on the DeFi Watch platform. The White Label can be changed according to requests: the best pools of a particular project or blockchain, pools with the highest APR or TVL, only pools with rewards. It depends on the wishes of and the interests of resource users.

However, the White Label for exchanges should have been something different, more detailed and advanced, so that this metrics section would be understandable and instructive for both newcomers and experienced users. Therefore, our White Label for Elk.Finance is more practical. As a result, investors can see here the analytical section with position breakdown, PnL, pool fees, rewards, and others. Now DEX users have access to comprehensive market data without the need to dig somewhere else to find information. In addition to this, our developers can regularly generate Top Liquidity Pools as a picture with various requests for DEXes like Venus and ViperSwap.

Our team hopes that the White Label and the presented data will be useful for all crypto investors, they can make the right investment decisions that bring only profit. We will have some more exciting information about partnership and integration to share soon, so stay tuned!

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Catherine Woods
Catherine Woods

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