API from DeFi Watch is a key to accessing verified data. This solution for DeFi or crypto applications or websites is ready to use.

The DeFi Watch team aims to accomplish its mission by developing easy-to-use, impactful and affordable projects to further enhance the ecosystem. A sincere belief in decentralized finance and definitely in the world of cryptocurrencies and their future allows new ideas to spring up in the group of DeFi enthusiasts.

It's about developing and sharing special code from, such as an API, to help bring DeFi to other people. By visiting the RapidAPI website, you can find the new product from DeFi Watch there.

DeFi Watch's API is a ready-to-use solution for DeFi or crypto applications or websites. The API code from the masters of their craft is clear and straightforward for easy integration. It provides immediate access to cryptocurrency data. They consist of daily market information obtained in real-time from about 30 exchanges. The latter are markets for about 13 000 cryptocurrencies.

Full analytics on your portfolio

Did you know that you are able to extract data from API into Microsoft Excel using the in-built Power Query feature?

    API from DeFi Watch is a key to accessing verified data that concerns the following:

  • tokens, including stablecoins (price, market capitalization);
  • pools by chains, projects, tokens (liquidity, APR, impermanent loss, level of risk, including incidents, audits);
  • blockchains;
  • bridges (in the form of their listing and a list of results matching the query criteria);
  • user wallets (e. g., wallet profile, transfers, balance in USD, wallet assets by chains).

However, information not received at the right time is not of any value. The API from DeFi Watch guarantees timeliness, accessibility, reliability, and relevance of all data.

Understanding the risks of DeFi clears the way to eliminate them. While the DeFi landscape is free of most inefficiencies that are omnipresent in the traditional banking system, it is too early to assume that DeFi does not pose any risks. Handling DeFi risks will facilitate the effective adoption of DeFi products and services. In the long run, DeFi may become the main source of available financial services. Thus, private investors, businesses, and governments can learn more about the effectiveness of DeFi by becoming familiar with the associated risks.

    You can get access and use API from DeFi Watch for free up to 100 requests per month (10 requests per minute). If you need to make more queries, then you can consider subscribing to one of our plans:

  • Pro ($50.00/month): 1 000 requests per month;
  • Ultra ($200.00/month): 10 000 requests per month;
  • Mega ($500.00 month): 100 000 requests per month.

Once you subscribe, you will become a premium user.

To sum up, the API code will improve your cryptocurrency financial project by adding market data and trending metrics. Try it yourself and see its effectiveness!

Catherine Woods
Catherine Woods

Crypto journalist