Defi Watch – the easiest way to make money in DeFi

Crypto should work! Make crypto work in decentralized finance — earn more than 100% a year from storing your crypto assets with Defi Watch.

Liquidity pool Defi.Watch.

Detailed breakdown for every your DeFi position

Manage and scope any of your position in liquidity pools with DeFi Portfolio Tracker: APY / APR projections, earned fees / interest, earned farming rewards, impermanent loss.

Detailed breakdown for every your DeFi position.

All your DeFi positions in different projects

Use Use high-level control of your investments across different networks and projects: lending, liquidity pools, farming / liquidity mining, vaults

Defi Watch portfolio charts.

The risks to which the investment is exposed

Use all available information about the positions to make a decision: metric history, independent audits, risk / profit ranking, team information

Projects Info in Defi Watch.


Decentralized Exchanges available for search and track.


Liquidity Pools to analyze and compare.


of Investor liquidity already tracked with our portfolio.

Valuable metrics
Make metrics between DEXes and positions comparable. Instead of unloading all possible statistics on you, we clearly show only what’s necessary for the investment decision.
Smart filters
Helps to find the right one among the millions of positions. Convenient filter by DEXes, lendings, liquidity pools, vaults, mining, assets.
Visually clear
Provides the most user-friendly data visualization. Helps quickly and easily analyze information and make a investment decision.

DeFi Portfolio.

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