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How to DeFi

DeFi needs money
DeFi needs money

Smart contracts use liquidity to provide cryptocurrency exchange services

You provide money
You provide money

You provide liquidity in the form of your crypto-assets to run a smart contract

Fees are generated
Fees are generated

Smart contracts work and charge a commission on transactions

You get paid
You get paid

You receive a percentage of this commission depending on the amount of liquidity you have invested

The Best DeFi Portfolio Tracker

The share of cryptocurrency and e-commerce increases with each new year ahead. Tokens replace fiat money in many fields since they provide convenient and secure solutions for payments and transferring money. Thus, there is no wonder that more and more people seek more effective ways to improve their financial skills and switch to more reliable methods of saving funds and multiplying their welfare.

Thus, numerous DeFi tools appear. These are special apps and software that allow monitoring changes in the crypto world and keeping all your savings in one place and managing them conveniently.

DeFi Tools for Decentralized Finance Investors

The DeFi ecosystem embraces diverse solutions for easier handling of your crypto coins. Here are some of the essential tools for decentralized finance investors:

  • MetaMask;
  • Zerion;
  • DeFiLIama;
  • DeFi Pulse;
  • DappRadar.

These utilities are helping to track the DeFi market and promptly react to any sorts of movements.

DeFi Watch offers a modern solution for staying tuned in the DeFi space. In short, it is a special app that gathers all your DeFi wallets in one place and helps to control all trading positions. The tool is designed to simplify your routine in the DeFi space and provide you with a convenient solution to keep your capital under control anytime and anywhere.

The best DeFi portfolio tracker should meet certain criteria and provide users with a wide range of tools to open, monitor, and assist in making crypto trades. Thus, it is not enough to provide users with a list of DeFi projects, it is necessary to develop a versatile app that will contain the following information:

  • DeFi Analytics that will help to make more precise predictions and open profitable trades;
  • the list of all projects;
  • clear metrics;
  • all the required functionalities to open and close trades.

Remember to make its interface intuitive and responsive to improve user experiences. So, that’s exactly what DeFi Watch offers. The app satisfies all these points.

How to track your DeFi holdings?

Tracking your DeFi holdings is easy and convenient in the DeFi Watch app. All you need is to download the web3 wallet, install it on your gadget or PC, and create an account. After passing a standard registration procedure, you can connect your DeFi wallet and enjoy monitoring of your savings in one place. The app allows connecting both Metamask and non-custodial wallets. All of them, as well as statistics, metrics, and other data about trades will be displayed in the DeFi Dashboard.

To draw the line, let’s briefly mention the key trumps of the DeFi portfolio tracker:

  • all the required functionalities to monitor trades conveniently;
  • a user-friendly interface with multiple tabs and sections;
  • the opportunity to connect different types of wallets;
  • up-to-date reliable statistics and clear metrics.

DeFi Watch is found on the lists of the best tools to keep track of crypto savings. Its popularity is due to convenient functionalities, thought-out design, and a rich range of opportunities for users. Using the app will allow users to bring their experiences to a higher level and simplify the process of monitoring DeFi investments.

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